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oh my god Emma

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I needed this today. :)

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In which team member Beth realizes she was in a freshman writing seminar with award-winning author Maggie Shipstead.

Getting my animator back on and it feels good 

I’m certainly not the first to write about this place, and I’m equally most definitely not the last.
How many people here are writing about it now?
How many of the 750,000 people passing through stop to watch the throngs of people?
Passing through in organized mobs obeying the unspoken traffic flow.
Groups making way for the rushed.
New dow eyed visitors being forgiven for acting as a temporary dam to the flood of people.
The order of 140 tracks
The grand halls for gathering, eating, shopping
A whole universe in a train station tucked in between building, streets, and parks waiting to take people away.



Flipped classrooms are all the rage it seems. It seems to be used at the high school level more so than any other. However, if you’re a high school teacher, you know that cheating is a huge problem in our schools. If you utilize a flipped classroom, how do you prevent your students from cheating? I’m thinking of using the idea of a flipped classroom for grammar instruction. There are two reasons behind this: 1- I don’t think lecturing is the most effective way to deliver grammar instruction 2- I think too much of my time and students time is devoted to note taking on material they should have already mastered (nouns). So, by keeping the videos short, I’m maximizing time in the classroom to work on their writing/reading skills. The students will be expected to take notes by filling in the blanks (a good technique for my students with ADD/ADHD) and they will then have example “problems” to “solve”. Do you all think cheating will be a huge issue using this method? Do you all think this sounds like a good practice? How might I tweak it?

If it’s just fill in the blank instead of “create your own sentences and identify these parts” then you’re going to have rampant cheating.

My other qualm with flipping to avoid lecture is you have to accept that you’re still lecturing—you’re just doing it at a different time.

As a student, when I’ve had flipped lectures, I really appreciated the ability to pause and take notes and insert helpful textbooks examples / follow along and prepare (I was never checked on whether I did it in AP Physics, but I’d be screwed if I skipped it), but once I passed the basic parts the fact that I couldn’t raise my hand and ask a question, but I’d have to write it down to ask it at the beginning without the context was aggravating—- the time for collective problem solving that existed as a result was nice though. 

I think that if you were to semi-flip, so the work expected at home is half the first section of note taking and some traditional hw it could work well for a lot of people 

July 5th fireworks 

Place des Jacobins, Lyon 


Diana Center at Barnard College Weiss/Mamfredi

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More of la palais de musica

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well not right now because 20 days from now BUT LETS GO

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